Dentures in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Dental Center is the dental office of choice for high quality dentures at an affordable cost.

In more severe cases, a patient may need to have all of their upper or lower teeth extracted in order to obtain improved oral health. It is unfortunate, but in these extreme cases our skilled professionals are prepared to give patients a second chance at a Hollywood smile of their own.

In the event of a dental emergency, San Antonio Dental Center offers an immediate option while you wait for your gums to recover and for your bones to realign post extraction. You don’t even have to endure a single day without a normal set of teeth.

A complete set of dentures will aid you with chewing and they also support your facial structure, allowing you to improve your speech.

For less severe cases, we offer partial dentures. These partials replace a missing group or line of teeth. Good news, instead of being screwed in like complete dentures, partials are simply secured in the mouth via metal clasps reaching around your neighboring natural teeth!

With quick and efficient options like the ones San Antonio Dental offers, why wait? Call us today for a free consultation or secure your appointment for a billion dollar smile.