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As a graduate of the class 1997, Dr. Frank Aryan assumed an outstanding reputation as a scholar, lecturer, and author in the dental profession. Striving to achieve excellence, he pursued higher education in the field of oral and maxillofacial pathology. Committed to success, he served as a clinical instructor and advisor to students at the State University of New York at Buffalo. With numerous publications to his credit and devotion to serving the community, Dr. Aryan has brought his passion for dentistry to his patients at The San Antonio Dental Center.

Azerbaijan American Medical Association Member

On October 2, 2019 Dr. Aryan became a member of the Azerbaijani American Medical Association Board of Directors! The AAMA serves to unite Azeri and American physicians through online collaborations, conferences, and seminars. This is a very important role in which Dr. Aryan will assist in providing leadership to young professionals through mentorship, networking, and education in order to enhance the medical care of patients.