Sedation Dentistry

We make the stereotypical ‘scary’ trips to the dentists’ office a thing of the past! Our patients may receive special treatment catering to their level of anxiety they experience during their visit or procedure.

Keeping up with your oral care, as well as dental hygiene are monumental factors to your bodies’ over all wellness.

Sleep sedation is a safe and reliable way to have your teeth cared for without the stress you may normally experience. Ensuring comfort and tranquility; you won’t feel any pain or discomfort under sleep sedation. In fact, you may not even be able to recall the treatment you just received in our care.

Commonly known are sedation dentistry, this practice does not utilize general anesthesia. Instead of undergoing the complications of general anesthetic, sedation dentistry consists of just oral medication. Also referred to as “oral conscious medication”, you are administered a pill to take an hour prior to your visit with us, and then a(n) additional dose(s) to be taken upon your arrival. Dosage is a factor of your level of anxiety.

While you are in our chair experiencing a serene sleep, your heart rate and oxygen levels are being monitored closely for the entirety of your procedure.

You won’t even be able to finish your dream before you are finished with your visit and leave with a stress-free, bright and healthy smile!